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ISMA members get discounts on Indianapolis Indians tickets, zoo admission

Posted on 6/20/2024
As an ISMA member, you’re entitled to special discounts on tickets to see the Indianapolis Indians and visit the Indianapolis Zoo.

IHCP updates: HIP preventive care services exempt copayments, reminder on PA appeal process

Posted on 6/20/2024
Indiana Health Coverage Program (IHCP) recently published two bulletins that will impact Hoosier health care practices.

Patients Over Prior Auth: Keep sending examples to help reform prior auth

Posted on 6/20/2024
Prior authorization continues to delay patient care and treatment, impact outcomes, and drive up health care costs for all Hoosiers. Physician offices advocate for their patients but are forced to waste valuable time and resources on these burdens.

ISMA working with new practice management consultant

Posted on 6/20/2024
ISMA is pleased to announce that Jan Hailey has taken over as ISMA’s practice management consultant, effective June 10, 2024. Carol Hoppe of MedLucid Solutions, LLC, had filled the independent contractor position since 2017.

It’s time to move beyond 'provider'

Posted on 6/20/2024
Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can also harm us. One such word is provider. When used to refer to physicians, it damages every medical professional’s morale, sense of worth, and fulfillment. It undermines our sense of calling.


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