Young Physician Society

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The Young Physician Society (YPS) seeks to strengthen the value of ISMA membership for young physicians by:
  • Enhancing young physicians’ practice of medicine by assisting with the transition to practice, legal resources, physician wellness and more.
  • Advocating for issues of importance to young physicians by facilitating young physicians’ participation in policy making and other activities of the ISMA.
  • Promoting young physician leadership by providing leadership education and opportunities, as well as other activities and resources relevant to young physicians.
  • Keeping YPS members informed on issues impacting physicians at the beginning of their professional practice though targeted communications, newsletters and meetings.

ISMA physician members younger than 40 or who have completed residency and fellowship training within the past five years are automatically members of YPS. YPS currently has more than 1,100 members.
YPS Leadership
Sivagama Ramasundaram, MD 
President-elect Nicole Sonn, MD
ISMA Trustee Andreia Alexander, MD, PHD, MPH
ISMA Alternate Trustee Tyler Heavin, MD

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Contact: Vicki Riley

NEW Leadership position!
We are seeking young physicians who share an interest in leadership and advocacy and want to get more involved but not ready or able to take on an officer position. ISMA has created a brand-new leadership position: YPS Member At Large. A goal of the YPS Member At Large team is to build a community of young physicians in Indiana who want to connect with their peers who are going through the same challenging work experiences and looking for opportunities to get involved while learning more about ISMA-YPS.

And we have designed this opportunity as a low-time commitment for busy professionals with numerous work-life responsibilities. Below is an example, of what the role would be:

  • Fulfill a 1-year volunteer term starting January 2022
  • Participate in three (3) ISMA-YPS 30-minute meetings via Zoom (January, March, April, August)
  • Actively share ISMA and industry information with physician colleagues that support the health, well-being and professional growth of young physicians
  • Advise and inform ISMA-YPS about issues that affect the practice of medicine for young physicians
  • Provide insights to ISMA staff on continuing education and networking opportunities
  • And consider participating in various ISMA events, if available, such as ISMA Physician Advocacy Day at the Statehouse, ISMA Annual Convention and an ISMA-YPS social event
If you are interested in being part of this new team, please contact Katie Kluger, ISMA Physician Relations, at 317-752-5564. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you so much!

"I joined ISMA because I wanted to be an advocate for the under-resourced populations we serve throughout Indiana. I wanted to have a hand in the development of policies that could affect the health of all Hoosiers, but I especially wanted to stand up for policies that could build health equity and eliminate disparities. Being a new physician and new to health policy, I knew I needed the infrastructure and guidance of a group such as ISMA to truly be effective."

Andreia Alexander, MD, PHD, MPH
Young Physician Society Trustee

"Health care is rapidly changing and not always for the better. As a new physician recently out of residency, I am excited to care for my patients but also concerned about how the health care changes being made today will affect my future career and ability to provide good quality care. While transitioning to an attending has its own set of challenges, I recognize the need for involvement in organized medicine to ensure everyone has a favorable practice environment and our patients are receiving high quality, physician-led health care. The Indiana State Medical Association provides the education and guidance needed to make our voices heard and effect real change."

Tyler Heavin, MD
Young Physician Society Alternate Trustee