Physician Licensure and Registrations
Medical License
  1. Physicians must obtain their medical license from the Indiana Medical Licensing Board (MLB). The MLB can be contacted at (317) 234-2060; or visit the MLB website.
  2. The MLB announced in 2013 that the renewal deadline for physicians changed from June 30 to October 31, in an effort to increase agency efficiency.  Licenses must be renewed by October 31 of odd numbered years (i.e., every two years) thereafter. The MLB phone number for renewals is (317) 234-2060.
  3. Renewal fees are $200 (late fees are an additional $50). Physicians are encouraged to renew online and to concurrently complete a physician survey prepared by the Indiana State Department of Health, which helps Indiana assess the physician workforce (minor additional fees are charged for online renewal).
  4. Physicians may choose to reduce their license status to inactive. The fee for an inactive license is half of the active license fee (i.e., $100). Physicians with an inactive license may not prescribe controlled substances.

Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) Number

  1. In order to prescribe, administer or dispense controlled substances, physicians must obtain a CSR number from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy at (317) 234-2067.
  2. CSR numbers must be renewed at the same time as a physician's medical license (i.e., by October 31 of odd-numbered years) and can be renewed simultaneously online.
  3. Renewal fees are $60.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Number

  1. A DEA is also required in order to prescribe, administer or dispense controlled substances.  DEA numbers must be obtained from the DEA. The DEA telephone number is (800) 882-9539; or visit the DEA website.
  2. DEA numbers must be renewed every three years (based on the date the number was originally assigned).
  3. Renewal fees are $731.