Medical Student Society

The MSS was established in 1985. Members are dedicated to promoting organized medicine and helping each other through the challenges of medical school. All medical students in Indiana are eligible for free membership after registering online. Join now!

MSS supports:
Legislative awareness among medical students
Campaigns against domestic violence
Public education about the dangers of tobacco use and alcohol abuse
Involvement in issues related to graduate medical education
Student loan deferment protection

MSS - New Governing Council aka Officer team for 2024-2025
Sydney Clark, IUSM
VP Administration Meghann Roessler, MU-COM
Head of Communications Nikhil Dave, IUSM
VP Membership – Vivian Grant, MU-COM
VP Operations – Daniel Wilmot, IUSM
VP Membership – Peyton Robinson, IUSM
Trustee Luke Vandeventer, IUSM
Alternate Trustee  Yordanos Gebru, IUSM

Student Representatives for ISMA Committees/Commissions
COL Legislation
Wade Catt, IUSM
Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Amber Nelson, IUSM
Medical Education Olwen Menez, IUSM
Physician Assistance Eli Schantz, IUSM
IMPAC – Sabin Karkin (nominated)
Constitution and Bylaws  OPEN