ISMA to launch ‘Check-In for a Check-Up’ public service campaign

ISMA is stepping up to get Hoosiers back on track for better health with a new public service campaign set to launch July 1. The campaign promotes the importance of preventive medical care by encouraging patients to Check-In for a Check-Up, even as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Why the campaign is needed

In May, ISMA released the COVID-19 Business Impact Report, which revealed that more than 80% of practices experienced a decrease of more than 40% in patient volumes. For some, the decrease was as much as 80%-90%. 

Around the same time, a national poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies revealed that 55% of Americans had missed, skipped or delayed a medical appointment since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Such delays in treatment could prove catastrophic for the health of patients and challenging for the sustainability of medical practices.

Physicians are concerned for patients who are at risk for heart attacks, strokes, seizures, cancer, amputations and other medical problems that could be prevented.

In addition to general fears of COVID-19, several factors have kept Hoosiers from seeking the care they need. Stay-at-home orders, loss of jobs and health insurance, and the shortage of safety gear for health care workers are just some of the reasons that patient visits are down.

ISMA is working to reverse this trend of delayed treatment in Indiana. Member physicians are encouraged to use the following campaign materials to promote their practice’s safety procedures and ability to treat patients safely during the pandemic.

ISMA’s Check-In for a Check-Up campaign now includes:

On July 1 and beyond, ISMA will add to the campaign:

  • A news release announcing the campaign to the public.
  • ISMA social media on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Graphics for physician practices to post in offices and on social media.
  • Outreach with state agencies, legislators and other health-care stakeholders.
  • Follow-up op-ed in newspapers around the state.
  • Possible TV and radio public service announcements.
  • Future flyers on topics such as mental health, prescription medicine safety, etc.

Throughout this campaign, ISMA will use the tagline Hoosier Doctors Are Here For You. We appreciate all that you do to care for your patients and to drive the future of health care in Indiana, especially during these unprecedented times. 

Stay tuned to ISMA for future updates on how we can get Hoosiers back on track for better health.