Patients Over Prior Auth: Keep sending examples to help reform prior auth
Prior authorization continues to delay patient care and treatment, impact outcomes, and drive up health care costs for all Hoosiers. Physician offices advocate for their patients but are forced to waste valuable time and resources on these burdens.
Your stories about how prior authorization impacts patients are a powerful way to help ISMA put Patients Over Prior Auth.
Please participate in ISMA’s advocacy initiative by sending us the latest example(s) of payors inappropriately putting prior auth over patients. More than 110 stories have already been submitted to ISMA since the short intake form went live earlier this year.

There is no limit on the number of submissions you can make. In fact, the more examples we have, the more impactful it will be -- even if they are repetitive. 

Adam Amos, MD, shared, “I tried to prescribe Trelegy to (an adult patient) with severe dyspnea and ongoing progressive COPD, and was denied. Then I tried to do Spiriva respimat along with Breo, and these were denied as well. We just received a recommendation to try Spiriva handihaler instead, and it triggered another prior authorization request.  Meanwhile, the patient has been suffering without treatment and off work for four months while waiting for medications to be approved.”

Visit to share your story and read several others. 

Please consider sharing this article with your colleagues, even if they’re not ISMA members. We want to hear from as many Hoosier physicians as possible. 

Thank you for continuing to advocate for the well-being of all Hoosiers. Your participation in this Patients Over Prior Auth initiative will help bring about vital change.

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