IHCP updates: HIP preventive care services exempt copayments, reminder on PA appeal process
Indiana Health Coverage Program (IHCP) recently published two bulletins that will impact Hoosier health care practices.

IHCP updates HIP preventive care services exempt from copayment
Effective July 1, IHCP is updating the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) guidelines surrounding preventive care services from what was previously announced in IHCP Bulletin BT201969. An updated list of procedure codes will take effect and be included for HIP preventive care services now that the public health emergency has concluded, and copays will once again be assessed.

Read more in BT202476.

IHCP reminds practices about the FFS prior authorization appeal process
IHCP reminds practices they must first exhaust the administrative review process through the fee-for-service (FFS) prior authorization (PA) contractor for denied or modified PAs before filing an appeal with the Office of Administrative Law Proceedings (OALP).

A comprehensive explanation of the administrative review and appeal process regarding PA decisions, including time frames, may be found in the Prior Authorization provider reference module at www.in.gov/medicaid/providers.  

Read more in BT202483.