Changes to ISMA Pulse promote discussion on resolutions before convention

Updates to the ISMA Pulse digital engagement tool this year will let members discuss resolutions among themselves and with the authors before convention, as well as give feedback on how they think the House of Delegates (HOD) should vote on each resolution. The changes are a direct result of members’ suggestions for how last year’s resolution commenting process could be improved.

ISMA Pulse debuted last year ahead of ISMA’s first-ever virtual convention. Its purpose was to increase transparency in the policy making process and give every member a chance to be heard on the important issues addressed by ISMA resolutions. It was also hoped that compiling feedback for reference committees to review in advance would reduce the time needed for virtual testimony during the convention.

For this year’s in-person convention, reference committees will once again consider the feedback and comments submitted on ISMA Pulse. However, there will be only one ISMA Pulse comment period instead of two, and no interim reference committee report will be produced.

Instead, as in previous in-person conventions, reference committees will hear in-person testimony from members during Saturday of convention weekend and produce reports recommending how the HOD should act on each resolution at Sunday’s meeting.

Once ISMA Pulse goes live and 2022 resolutions have been published, members will notice expanded opportunities for interaction. Here are a few examples.

View others’ comments:
This year, you do not have to leave feedback (choose how you think the House of Delegates should vote) or comment (state your opinion) on a resolution to see comments from others.

Reply to comments: Once you have commented on a resolution, you may reply to other comments on the same resolution.

Daily summaries: Unless you opt out, you will receive a daily email summarizing any interaction on comments that you’ve posted.

Direct messaging option: The first time you log in to ISMA Pulse, you will be prompted to decide whether to allow other users to see your email address and contact you directly. If you do opt to receive emails, you can opt out at any time. Also, if you are the primary author of a resolution, you will be asked when submitting your resolution electronically whether to share your email so that other members may contact you directly about the resolution. 

Change your feedback: As was the case last year, you cannot change or delete a comment once you have posted it. However, you can change your feedback – how you think the House of Delegates should vote on a resolution – any time before the comment period closes.

Don’t forget: The deadline to submit resolutions for 2022 is Sunday, June 12. Watch your inbox and the convention homepage to stay up to date on important news about the resolution process and the 173rd Annual ISMA Convention!