87 physicians join ISMA in April
Thank you and welcome to the following 87 physicians, who joined ISMA or renewed their memberships in April. Every member adds to our collective strength as we advocate for our profession, our patients and our communities in Indiana!

Justin V. Abraham, MD, Munster

Thomas R. Acott, MD, Indianapolis

Muhammad S. Ahmed, MD, Mishawaka

Raza R. Akbar, MD, Munster

Sarah Alexander, MD, Munster

Polya Baghelai, MD, South Bend

Daniel A. Bakston, MD, Munster

Jayshree S. Bhatt, MD, Munster

Jonathan D. Boyle, MD, Indianapolis

Ann M. Broz, MD, Granger

Joseen A. Bryant, MD, Schererville

Kiran K. Burla, MD, Washington

Melissa S. Cain, MD, Valparaiso

Farrukh S. Chaudhry, MD, Munster

Tarak Chokshi, MD, Chicago

Jordan Clendenen, MD, Noblesville

Cherise L. Cokley, MD, Munster

Ginger D. Cotter, MD, Michigan City

James J. Creighton III, MD, Indianapolis

Kyle A. Den Beste, MD, Indianapolis

Hannah A. Dineen, MD, Indianapolis

Hilary Dye, MD, Granger

John R. Edwards, MD, Carmel

Alice X. Elroy, MD, Indianapolis

Michael L. Eng, MD, Munster

Brian J. Evanson, MD, Schererville

Stephanie M. Evanson, MD, Munster

Jason M. Frazier, MD, Munster

Mark R. Gardner, MD, East Chicago

Gerirose Gooding, MD, Danville

Kyle M. Hayes, MD, Indianapolis

Mikael D. Howard, MD, Granger

John E. Humiston, MD, Carmel

Sulman M. Hussain, DO, Munster

Omar A. Husseini, MD, Munster

Shawn M. Iverson, DO, Indianapolis

Kirk D. Jenkins, MD, Hobart

Brian T. Johnston, MD, Indianapolis

Akta S. Kakodkar, MD, Munster

George S. Kalesperis, DO, Fort Wayne

Bishara R. Khoury, DO, Valparaiso

Mandavi Kulkarni, MD, Hobart

Priyanka Kumar, MD, Merrillville

Alexander J. Lampley, MD, Indianapolis

Robert D. Lee, MD, South Bend

Rose Ann Madarang, MD, Munster

Eileen A. Murphy, MD, Munster

Keith A. Nalley, DO, Schererville

Shalonda M. Newcomb, MD, Evansville

Joanne N. Niere-Ramos, MD, Crown Point

Karen M. Noriega, MD, Highland

Nouraddin N. Nouraddin, MD, South Bend

Malik Nouri, MD, Carmel

Carolina Ocampo, MD, Highland

Andrew Garton Park, MD, Indianapolis

Rickyn P. Patel, DO, South Bend

Tamara K. Pylawka, MD, South Bend

Matthew J. Rachwalski, DO, Michigan City

Saira M. Rahman, MD, Granger

Vandana Raman, MD, Lafayette

Jonathan V. Ramos, MD, Saint John

Asima Rashid, MD, South Bend

Arich R. Reynolds, MD, Evansville

Rebecca S. Rockers, MD, Mishawaka

Howard A. Rumjahn, MD, Newburgh

John M. Santaniello, MD, East Chicago

Kathleen M. Saoud, DO, Saint John

Bryan H. Schmitt, DO, Indianapolis

Natalie Sessions, DO, Munster

Obaid Shafiq, MD, Munster

Priya M. Shastri, MD, Hobart

Shashank Suresh, MD, Indianapolis

Brian W. Sykes, MD, New Castle

Nicole A. Tasker, MD, Indianapolis

Louis Teodori, DO, Valparaiso

Vsevolod B. Tikhomirov, MD, Munster

Alysia T. Townsend, MD, Munster

Sean A. Trusty, MD, Indianapolis

Pio G. Valenzuela, MD, Carmel

Alexander Dominic Vara, MD, Indianapolis

Stephan J. Vivian, MD, Fort Wayne

Ashir Wahab, MD, Munster

Chantal L. Walker, MD, Merrillville

Patrick B. White, MD, Indianapolis

Alicia M. Wilson, DO, South Bend

Catherine N. Wolff, DO, South Bend

Osama A. Zaghmout, MD, Munster