$50,000 AMA grant supports Indiana’s scope of practice partnership
A new grant totaling $50,000 was recently awarded to ISMA by the AMA Scope of Practice Partnership Steering Committee. The money will enable ISMA to expand its scope of practice efforts through the Indiana Physician Coalition, which focuses on preventing inappropriate expansion of scope by nonphysician practitioners and fights for greater transparency among health care professionals when it comes to identification in clinical settings, advertising and marketing.

With this new grant, the coalition will develop and launch an advertising campaign that will run from December through February. The campaign’s goal is to better inform Hoosiers, including state lawmakers, about the various roles of the health care team  and why physicians’ rigorous education and training prepares them to best lead such teams for the benefit of patients.

This is the second grant awarded by AMA to help fund Indiana’s scope of practice partnership.

In 2020, a $25,000 grant allowed ISMA and its specialty society partners to develop a branded identity for the coalition, a standalone website, fact sheet, public opinion survey regarding physician-led care and other strategies and tactics that helped introduce Hoosiers to the coalition.

Be sure to check out INphysicians.org for more information and follow the coalition on Facebook and Twitter.