ISMA welcomes 221 new members, including OrthoIndy
ISMA is pleased to welcome 221 new members, who joined our organization in June through September. Special recognition goes to OrthoIndy: The nationally ranked, physician-owned hospital with more than 80 physicians in central Indiana has joined ISMA as a group, with 100% physician membership.

“OrthoIndy is thrilled to join the Indiana State Medical Association, which ensures that Indiana physicians continue to provide the best care through advocacy efforts,” said Dr. Timothy Dicke, MD, president and CEO of OrthoIndy. “There is no higher concern than patient safety and proper care. By joining ISMA, OrthoIndy physicians will continue to provide the best orthopedic care to all patients.”

The participation of OrthoIndy physicians, who practice in a wide variety of orthopedic specialties through more than 10 locations, will strengthen ISMA’s ability to advance its mission through legislative advocacy.

“We are excited to welcome OrthoIndy, whose physicians will have a greater voice in shaping health care policy and laws at the state and national levels,” said Julie Reed, JD, ISMA executive vice president. “It’s crucial for all Indiana physicians to participate in advocacy efforts that will ensure the Hoosier State remains a favorable place for patients to receive care and for physicians to practice medicine.”

Again, welcome to the following new members, whose participation is crucial to maximizing the leadership and impact of physicians in Indiana! Together, we are driving the future of health care.

Rahul D. Abhyankar, MD, Carmel
Jonathan A. Adams, DO, Richmond
Susuana Adjei, MD, Indianapolis
James P. Adlam, DO, Indianapolis
Katherine M. Adlam, DO, Indianapolis
Neggin Afsari, DO, Indianapolis
Emmanuel O. Aina, MD, Indianapolis
Iyabo Akinsanmi, MD, Indianapolis
Rana Alcheikh, MD, Indianapolis
Christine M. Alicea, MD, Indianapolis
Waiel Almardini, DO, Richmond
Katherine Anderson, MD, Indianapolis
Syed M. Anees, MD, Indianapolis
Ryan C. Arnold, MD, Fort Wayne
Zachary D. Arnold, MD, Carmel
Chris P. Bales, MD, Brownsburg
Kevin M. Ball, MD, Indianapolis
Cory J. Banaschak, DO, Indianapolis
Anand A. Bankapur, MD, Indianapolis
Annabeth Barnard, MD, Indianapolis
Maria Bell, MD, Indianapolis
Lucas G. Berghoff, DO, Indianapolis
Julie M. Bittar, MD, Indianapolis
Austin M. Boos, DO, Indianapolis
Kelsey L. Booth, MD, Columbus
Lisa M. Bourbeau, DO, Indianapolis
Tanna J. Boyer, DO, Zionsville
Jacob A. Brandon, MD, Indianapolis
David S., Brokaw, MD, Indianapolis
Dylan S. Brokaw, MD, Indianapolis
Bryce B. Buente, DO, Westfield
Alyson Bundy, MD, Indianapolis
Chelsy D. Calhoun, DO, Evansville
Benjamin Campbell, MD, Indianapolis
Kimberly A. Carhuatanta, DO, Richmond
Michael I. Carson, MD, Indianapolis
Nicholas R. Carter, MD, Indianapolis
Alexandria M. Ceranske, DO, Indianapolis
Devika Chakrabarti, MD, Evansville
Virgilio N. Chan, MD, Greenwood
David A. Cherro, MD, Indianapolis
Nicole H. Chicoine, DO, Indianapolis
Samantha J. Collins, DO, Indianapolis
Shelby P. Cooke, MD, Indianapolis
Brian Cothern, MD, Indianapolis
Jared F. Crisafi, MD, Indianapolis
Dustin L. Cundiff, DO, Richmond
Peter J. Davis, MD, Indianapolis
Bryant H. Dawson, DO, Indianapolis
Michael S. Dent, MD, Indianapolis
Mackenzie C. Denton, DO, Evansville
Ashley A. Detzner, MD, Indianapolis
Kenneth G. Dexter, DO, Indianapolis
Rasik Dhakal, MD, Fort Wayne
Timothy E. Dicke, MD, Indianapolis
Gregory D. Dikos, MD, Indianapolis
Jennifer M. Divine, MD, Indianapolis
Robert M. Dorenbusch, DO, Indianapolis
Claire T. Dougherty, DO, Noblesville
Jessica Dowe, MD, Paoli
Michelle L. Durrant, MD, Fort Wayne
David A. Dwyer, MD, Bloomington
August J. Emford, MD, Indianapolis
Maria Luisa P. Ermitano, MD, Indianapolis
Matthew C. Feeney, MD, Indianapolis
Thomas C. Fisher-Heath, DO, Indianapolis
Anita M. Fries, DO, Indianapolis
Rachel M. Fundenberger, DO, Indianapolis
Zach W. Fyffe, MD, Indianapolis
Anjulie Gang, MD, Indianapolis
Jasen L. Gilge, MD, Indianapolis
Sibil Gill, DO, Kokomo
Adam J. Given, MD, Indianapolis
Stephanie Gleason, DO, Indianapolis
Stephen T. Greenfield, MD, Carmel
Katherynne T. Greve, MD, Indianapolis
Scott D. Gudeman, MD, Greenwood
Varun Gulati, DO, Indianapolis
Saarik C. Gupta, MD, Indianapolis
Emily A. Hadley, MD, Indianapolis
John R. Handy, MD, Terre Haute
Jennifer K. Hardy, MD, Terre Haute
Christina Harris, DO, Indianapolis
Kevin L. Harris, DO, Indianapolis
Fawaz Hasnain, MD, Fort Wayne
Marcus A. Hendry, MD, Zionsville
Hunter J. Hicks, DO, Newburgh
Grant E. Highley, DO, Indianapolis
Kelsey D. Hilaire, DO, Carmel
Benjamin Hufford, MD, Indianapolis
Robert J. Huler, MD, Indianapolis
Vince S. Hume, DO, Indianapolis
Prabhjot Hundal, MD, Indianapolis
Timothy A. Hupfer, MD, Indianapolis
Mercy M. Hylton, MD, Brownsburg
Gabriel E. Jackson, MD, Greenwood
Nicholas R. Jasper, MD, Greenwood
Bradley A. Jelen, DO, Fishers
Yogesh S. Jethava, MD, Indianapolis
Elizabette G. Johnson, MD, Westfield
David M. Kaehr, MD, Carmel
George F. Kane, MD, Indianapolis
Demetrios J. Karamichos, MD, Munster
Kosmas J. Kayes, MD, Indianapolis
Rachel N. Kearby, MD, Westfield
Courtney A. Kelly, MD, Indianapolis
Molly A. Kelly, MD, Fort Wayne
Corey B. Kendall, MD, Brownsburg
Lindsay J. Kerwien, DO, Indianapolis
Ibrahim A. Khan, MD, Richmond
Alexander Kiel, MD, Indianapolis
Kerri A. Kissell, MD, Greenfield
Adam M. Kloha, MD, Indianapolis
Shalini Koppisetty, MD, Indianapolis
Rachel N. Kropushek, DO, Evansville
Bennet J. Ladowski, MD, Indianapolis
Meredith L. Langhorst, MD, Indianapolis
Matthew R. Lavery, MD, Greenwood
Nathaniel Leonardi, MD, Indianapolis
Yi Li, MD, Indianapolis
Seth H. Lichtenstein, MD, Indianapolis
Katherine Magoon, MD, Indianapolis
Caitlin M. Mammolenti, MD, Indianapolis
Miles D. Mann, MD, Evansville
Robert P. Marske, MD, Indianapolis
Audrey E. Martin, DO, Indianapolis
John C. Marxer, MD, Carmel
Joann M. Mathew, MD, Indianapolis
Natasha E. Mathew, DO, Evansville
Emily M. Mathis, DO, Indianapolis
Ryan R. Matthews, MD, Bloomington
Ian McAlister, MD, Indianapolis
Brett M. McCullough, MD, Franklin
Gavin M. McGrath, DO, Indianapolis
Katherine R. McMahon, DO, Indianapolis
Brian R. McNicholas, DO, Bloomington
Caylan D. McPherson, DO, Evansville
Caroline C. Mecker, DO, Indianapolis
Derryl J. Miller, MD, Indianapolis
Patrick D. Millikan, MD, Indianapolis
Sandra P. Moreira, MD, Carmel
Cicely L. Moreno, MD, Munster
Mishaela S. Morrato, DO, Indianapolis
Damon Morris, DO, Bloomington
Kathleen L. Morris, DO, Indianapolis
Austin T. Moster, DO, Indianapolis
Derek Mounsey, MD, Indianapolis
David K. Myer, MD, Greenwood
Hinduja Nallamala, DO, Indianapolis
Yejin No, DO, Indianapolis
Kevin R. O'Neill, MD, Indianapolis
Mark C. Osborne, MD, Greenwood
Rachael T. Pappa, DO, Indianapolis
Monica K. Park, MD, Indianapolis
Mihir M. Patel, MD, Indianapolis
Harish R. Patlolla, MD, Hobart
Brandon J. Pearce, DO, Indianapolis
David E. Pennington, MD, Indianapolis
Vianne D. Perdido, DO, Evansville
Joel Phelps, DO, Evansville
Christopher L. Pomeroy, MD, Indianapolis
Sathish K. Pondaiah, MD, Fort Wayne
Elise R. Porter, MD, Indianapolis
Gregory T. Poulter, MD, Indianapolis
Marc D. Radabaugh, MD, Indianapolis
Natalia Reborido Campoy, MD, Indianapolis
Abby L. Rewoldt, MD, Indianapolis
Troy A. Roberson, MD, Indianapolis
Kelly G. Rodman, DO, Noblesville
Dylan J. Ropert, MD, Indianapolis
Gregory A. Rothchild, DO, Carmel
Bruce T. Rougraff, MD, Indianapolis
Christopher T. Rud, DO, Indianapolis
Arielle F. Russell, MD, Indianapolis
Abdallah R. Saleh, MD, Richmond
D. Kevin Scheid, MD, Indianapolis
Jamie K. Schulte, MD, Indianapolis
Melissa C. Schultz, MD, Indianapolis
Lucas P. Seibolt, MD, Indianapolis
Luke T. Shadiow, DO, Indianapolis
Aali Shah, MD, Indianapolis
Ankur N. Shah, DO, Indianapolis
Aumer Shughoury, MD, Indianapolis
Marrium Siddiqui, MD, Indianapolis
Kevin K. Sigua, MD, Indianapolis
Harman Singh, DO, Indianapolis
Andrew P. Smithka, MD, Indianapolis
Ethan Steele, MD, Indianapolis
Berta L. Stroud, MD, Bloomington
Julie F. Sturm, MD, Indianapolis
Ishaque A. Syed, MD, Fort Wayne
Paul R. Synowicki, MD, Indianapolis
Matthew M. Taylor, DO, Indianapolis
Huicong Teshima, MD, Fishers
Michael P. Thorpe, MD, Muncie
Taylor A. Timbrook, MD, Indianapolis
Marina Tipold, MD, Indianapolis
James P. Treadway, MD, Indianapolis
Robert J. Trout, MD, Indianapolis
Alec J. Turner, DO, Indianapolis
Ryan Unruh, MD, Indianapolis
Alok Uprety, MD, Fort Wayne
Carlos A. Vega, MD, Indianapolis
Ted G. Vellos, MD, Merrillville
George L. Vestermark, MD, Indianapolis
Joshua G. Vollmer, MD, Indianapolis
Matthew R. Walker, MD, Greenwood
Mary E. Wampfler, MD, Indianapolis
Abdul T. Ward, MD, Indianapolis
Rachel M. Wester, DO, Indianapolis
Hilary A. White, DO, Indianapolis
Arrianne M. Whittaker, DO, Indianapolis
Emelia D. Winston, DO, Fort Wayne
Kevin L. Witt, MD, Fort Wayne
Kody W. Wyant, DO, Indianapolis
Rina K. Yadav, DO, Indianapolis
Zubin Yavar, MD, Indianapolis
Josiah E. Zachary, MD, Slaughters
Lauren A. Zanotti, MD, Indianapolis
Crystal S. Zhang, MD, Indianapolis
Amjed Z. Zidan, DO, Indianapolis