All physicians urged to convene at Statehouse on Jan. 28
As the short 2020 legislative session gets underway, it’s more important than ever that physicians tell legislators where we stand on bills that impact our ability to practice medicine and serve patients.
To do this, ISMA and Indiana’s medical specialty societies are urging as many physicians as possible to converge on the Statehouse in white coats on Jan. 28 
for Physician Advocacy Day. Our goal is to make this one of the largest gatherings ever to advocate for patients and the practice of medicine in Indiana.

“Lawmakers don’t just need to hear from us, they WANT to hear from us, to sort fact from fiction, anecdote from reality,” said Tony GiaQuinta, MD, president of the Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Without our efforts, two things can happen: Really bad bills get passed deleterious to the health of our patients, or ideas and initiatives to promote a healthier Indiana get lost without the proper perspective.” 

Seung B. Sim, MD, a board member of the Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists, notes that coordinated opposition by physicians was critical to defeating a 2019 bill to let advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) work independently of physician collaboration.

“Many other important issues are before us in 2020, including surprise medical billing and truth in advertising for health care providers,” Dr. Seung said. “Please consider setting aside a day to advocate for your patients and the practice of medicine on Jan. 28.”

Physician Advocacy Day begins at the Indiana State Library with advocacy training at 10 am. After a light lunch, physicians will meet with legislators to talk about bills of interest and observe committees or legislative proceedings until 3:30 pm.
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Physician of the Day volunteers still needed!
Every year during the legislative session, ISMA members volunteer to be available to treat minor illnesses of legislators and their staffs for a day. This is a wonderful way to gain visibility for ISMA and the profession of medicine. Volunteers will be introduced before the House and Senate and are free to watch the proceedings when not seeing patients. Several days are still open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in February. View the schedule and sign up to volunteer >>