ISMA offers legal resources in several key areas. Some are available only to members. Click on the tabs above to learn more.

Legal FAQs
This section covers frequently asked questions pertaining to terminating patients, medical records, death certificates consent, lawyer referrals, fees, beginning a practice, leaving a group, closing a practice, treating relatives and treated patients who are hearing impaired or have limited proficiency with English. 

Prescribing controlled substances
With increasing public and regulatory attention on the dangers of controlled substances, the need for physician vigilance is greater than ever. This section contains resources on these issues.

Practice issues
This section contains resources such as an explanation of Indiana's Medical Malpractice Act, the health of the Patient's Compensation Fund (PCF) and the PCF surcharge, discounts on commercial malpractice insurance and information on medical staff, employees, health records and insurance company issues.

Compliance Here, you'll find information on laws and regulations affecting medical practitioners, physician licensing and registrations, compliance and guidance.

Consumer information This section contains information about topics of interest to health consumers, such as health records and filing complaints.

Legal articles Read a collection of recent article on legal topics published in ISMA Reports and e-Reports.

NOTE: This should not be a considered a complete or exhaustive source of information; it is intended to be general in nature and in no way is it intended to serve as legal advice. Each issue is fact-sensitive, and it is important that physicians contact their medical malpractice insurance provider and/or their health care attorney for specific guidance.