April 21, 2021

Indiana physicians applaud state tax on e-cigarettes
‘Prevention is the best medicine’

INDIANAPOLIS – The following is a statement from Roberto Darroca, MD, president of Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) following the release of the Indiana state budget, which includes a tax on e-cigarettes.

“When it comes to smoking, prevention is the best medicine, which is why ISMA applauds the Indiana General Assembly for taking this important step in the state budget. If signed into law, the state’s first tax on e-cigarettes will protect young Hoosiers from the dangers of vaping, encourage current users to quit, and ultimately, lead to healthier outcomes for the patients we care for. While more needs to be done to further reduce the state’s overall smoking rate, Indiana’s physicians appreciate lawmakers’ efforts to provide this preventive measure.”

Facts about e-cigarette usage in Indiana
  • Indiana ranks third in e-cigarette usage in the nation.
  • 1 in 5 of all high school students in Indiana and more than 5% of middle school students in Indiana currently vape.
  • E-cigarette use has increased 387% in the past six years among high school students and almost as much among middle school students.
  • More than 11,000 Hoosiers will die from a tobacco-related illness in 2021.

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