March 23, 2020

Hoosier Physicians Applaud Governor’s ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order and Other Measures to Contain Spread of COVID-19

Hoosier physicians applauded Gov. Eric Holcomb for the “Stay-at-Home” order issued today, effective March 25 to April 7, and other measures the governor announced to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Lisa Hatcher, MD, president of the Indiana State Medical Association, issued the following statement:

“Indiana’s physicians are on the front lines in the COVID-19 pandemic, leading medical teams that are working around the clock to prevent the virus while treating other patients. We applaud the actions taken by Gov. Holcomb to help contain the spread, which has continued to put greater stress on our health care system. Now it’s up to the citizens of Indiana to do their part. Given the limited supplies necessary to protect health care workers and patients with COVID-19, staying home is the only way Hoosiers can prevent becoming infected with the coronavirus and overwhelming our hospitals.

The Indiana State Medical Association is grateful that Gov. Holcomb is creating emergency operation centers around the state to monitor the response to COVID-19 and inventory medical supplies and medical personnel needs so that health care professionals have the equipment and staff necessary to overcome this pandemic.”