Convention: ISMA Events app; new AMA delegation candidate
We have some updates to share about the virtual 172nd Annual ISMA Convention, Sept. 10-12. We’re pleased to announce that the new ISMA Events app, which will be used to conduct the convention, is now available! Don’t wait to get started if you plan to attend convention; ISMA Events is also your portal to pre-convention happenings. In addition, a new candidate has been announced for an AMA alternate delegate position.

Check out the ISMA Events app now!
The new ISMA Events app is now available online at and in Google and Apple app stores!  This is an expanded version of our 2019 convention app and is the only way to access the 172nd Annual ISMA Convention.

Before the virtual convention, you can use ISMA Events to:
  • Read resolutions submitted for 2021.
  • Access ISMA Pulse and leave feedback on resolutions.
  • Receive updates and notifications about resolutions and convention.
During the virtual convention, attendees also can: 
  • Access the virtual convention on Zoom.
  • Verify credentials.
  • Access their Delegates Handbook and schedule.
  • Read final reference committee reports.
  • Cast votes.
How to access and log in to ISMA Events >>

Or visit the Support Page directly.

Dunniway declares candidacy
In addition to the previously announced candidates for 2021-2022 officer positions and AMA delegation members, Heidi M. Dunniway, MD, has declared her candidacy for the position of AMA alternate delegate. A full list of declared candidates and their bios will be published in the August print edition of ISMA Reports.