FSSA pauses work requirements for HIP members
Patients who are Indiana Medicaid members but have not met their Gateway to Work requirements will continue to be receive benefits after Jan. 1, the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) announced.

Some Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) members who failed to meet the requirements could have had their benefits suspended. However, their benefits will remain in effect while a federal lawsuit challenging the requirements moves through the courts.

The lawsuit, Rose v. Azar, could jeopardize HIP as a whole, FSSA said. Keeping HIP members’ benefits intact allows time for the case to be resolved and for legal challenges to work requirements in other states to work their way through the appeals process.

The FSSA is encouraging HIP members to continue reporting their Gateway to Work activities to the state or their health plan so they can be connected to resources such as the state’s Next Level Jobs program, Ivy Tech Community College, WorkOne and local job training and advancement programs. HIP members will still have a Gateway to Work status of “exempt,” “reporting met” or “reporting,” and will be referred to opportunities to work, learn and serve in their communities. 
HIP members would receive substantial advance notice of the timeline if the work requirements are reinstated, the FSSA said. 

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