ISMA Event 12/14/2017
Changing the Culture of Prescribing ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 01/18/2018
The Opioid Epidemic: Impact on Peri-Operative Care ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 02/15/2018
The Least, Last & Lost: Pregnant Women with Opioid SUD ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 03/01/2018
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 03/15/2018
Strategies for Safe and Compassionate Opioid Weaning ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 04/19/2018
Legislative & Legal Update on Opioid Prescribing ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 05/17/2018
Treating Controlled Substance Use & Abuse in the ED ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 06/21/2018
Chronic Pain Management and Integrative Treatment Methods ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 07/19/2018
Opioid Epidemic: Medical Societies' Views/Clinical Realities ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 08/16/2018
Screening & Treating Adolescents with Substance Use Disorder ON-DEMAND
ISMA Event 09/20/2018
Changing the Game: Sports Medicine and the Opioid Crisis ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 10/18/2018
Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders ON DEMAND
ISMA Event 11/15/2018
Psychological Considerations in Treating Chronic Pain ON DEMAND
ISDH - To serve and protect: Law enforcement’s efforts to curb the opioid epidemic Live Webinar
ISMA Event 12/20/2018
Project ECHO: Tele-mentoring Program for Treatment of OUD Live Webinar
ISMA Event 01/17/2019
2019 Legal Update: Understanding Recent Indiana Laws Live Webinar
ISMA Event 02/02/2019
Women in Medicine - 2019 Annual Retreat West Baden Springs
ISMA Event 02/21/2019
February 2019 Opioid Webinar Live Webinar
ISMA Event 03/21/2019
March 2019 Opioid Webinar Live Webinar
ISMA Event 04/18/2019
April 2019 Opioid Webinar Live Webinar