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What is "activation expiration"?

The site registration email you receive contains an activation link. If you do not follow the link to activate your account within 36 hours, the link expires, and you must re-register for ProLearn.

How can I reset my password?

Mobile app users may reset their password by clicking on "I can't access my account" just below the sign-in button for existing users. You will receive an email to reset your password.

Can I skip ahead through the course video?

The progress tracker bar shows your progress toward completing an activity with a green arrow. You may skip ahead through the course video; however, if you do, the test questions will not appear. You will be required to return to where you left off to complete the course for credit.

If you need to stop viewing the course midstream, you may return to finish it later. Your course catalog will list courses in progress, along with the percent completed.

Can I reprint my CME certificate?

Yes. Go to "My Courses: Completed," and click the "Certificate" button. You will have the option to immediately print the certificate ("ISMA Standard") or email a copy to yourself ("Email Certificates").

Does the app report my CME to the Medical Licensing Board?

Once you have successfully completed an activity, you will receive an email from notifications@prolearnsystem.prolearn.io containing confirmation of completion and your CME certificate.

Each opioid series course counts toward meeting Indiana's requirement that all Controlled Substances Registration (CSR) holders complete two hours of CME on opioid prescribing or abuse before they can obtain or renew a CSR.

You do not need to submit CME certificates of completion to the MLB. Instead, you will be asked to attest on your CSR application or renewal application that you have met the requirement. The MLB will audit up to 10 percent of licensees to ensure compliance, so you should retain certificates of completion for three years from your license or renewal date.